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Academic Advising

Academic Advising

We help you decide your future by acting as your independent advisor for your most difficult educational choices, including

  • What to study? Which major is right for you?
  • Where to study? Which country? Big city or small town?
  • Which schools are right for you?

Our Academic Process

Identifying Needs

Identifying Needs

The first step is to understand the educational and academic aspirations of the prospective student. This is done either in person or through our online application process.
Conducting aptitude test and Psychometric profiling

Conducting aptitude tests and psychometric profiling

Scientifically designed tests are used to ensure assessments reflect the right needs and profiles of students. Aptitude tests assess different abilities like verbal, numerical, spatial, etc. Personality profiles (e.g. Career steer and Human metrics) help look at possible career choices.
Educational counseling

Educational counseling

Expert counseling is provided from experienced practitioners to help students decide what majors to study, given students’ previous educational background, their established skills, personality profiles, future aspirations and current market needs.
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